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Muslims in Need team have just returned from Aid mission near the Bangladesh and Burma Border. On their return Radio Ikhlas invited us to do a live radio appeal and a whopping £24,000 was raised on the day. May Allah bless the Derby community.

We were joined by one of the volunteers of Muslims In Need who will gave us an insight of their trip and how we can help as a community.

Who are Muslims in Need?

Muslims in need is a charity which is run by Derby local volunteers, the thing that makes Muslims in Need so special is the fact that we are 100% donation policy. We started the charity because of the Syrian crisis and have sent close to 100 aid containers over the last few years. We work in several crisis hit nations including Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Palestine, Somaliland, Pakistan, Burma and now inside Bangladesh.

What made you go to Bangladesh?

As a team we have been aware of the situation in Burma, we have been doing work inside the Rakhine state for several years and most recently we did work their during ramadan with our iftar project.

As the situation developed further the Burmese army actively started razing civilian houses in Burma and were indiscriminately killing people. A lot of the Rohingya Muslims started escaping without any of their belongings into Bangladesh where they are seeking asylum from the barbaric actions. On the news we had heard of the stories of the vile actions of the Burmese army from killing children, burning people alive and destroying homes.

What was the situation when you arrived?

We have travelled to a few crisis hit places, I have travelled inside of Syria which is a full on war, however the stories of the people of Burma has to be the worst situation we have ever experienced. People were suffering from rashes, burns, malnutrition, infections and exhaustion. People were living on the streets in shanty towns and are being left with no food.

We spoke to one lady who had to give birth in the forest after her village was attacked by Budhists and the Burmese army. She told us of how she was running from forest to forest to stay alive with her new born baby. We were able to treat her in one of our medical camps.

Another time we were in the middle of a medical camp where two children no more then the age of 7 came to us without any guardians. We asked the the young girl where is your father and she replied, he has been killed we then asked her where her mother is she said, she was burnt alive. These children ran away by themselves and had reached Bangladesh. The situation was very rough on everyone who had gone.

What would you say to the people of Derby and radio ikhlas listeners?

It is a obligation to help our umma in the time of need, whichever project we have done be it in Syria or Burma we have always had an amazing response from the people of Derby. The whole team has been overwhelmed we what we were able to raise in a few hours live on Radio ikhlas. We received over £24,000 from the live appeal and you will see what a massive difference it will make for the Rphingya people.

As Allah promises us even a date seed will be a means of protection from the hellfire.

A special thanks to Tanvir at Radio Ikhlas supporting our project and allowing us on air.

What current projects do you have in Bangladesh?

At the moment we have several projects which we need continuous funding for and which your funds will go towards.

So these are the ongoing projects we are currently working on and raising funds for.

Sponsored Medical camps which cost £1000/session this includes the required medication we aim to see up to 400 patients.

Waterwell project – this is costing £250 for the deeper wells

Food distribution – between £15-50 depending on size of family

Shelter project – tinned shelter £150

Exclusive interview with Abdullah Karim who was part of the team in Bangladesh with Muslims in Need, his video has had over 1 million views online.


I have travelled to many places and seen many emergency situations, however nothing prepared me for the plight of the Rohingya in Bangladesh.

The sheer scale was the first thing that shocked me. The conditions at the camps are some of the worst I’ve seen and at serious risk of a disease pandemic.

On the second day I took some time to converse with the refugees to find out what had forced them to leave their homes.

Their stories about systematic rape, murder and pillage by the Burmese military literally brought me to tears.

Here were a people who had been discriminated in their own country for decades and now they were being raped and ethnically cleansed. Hearing their accounts first hand had a profound impact on me. I felt that we the international community had totally let down these people and the aid that we were providing was not the answer to their situation. Unfortunately I’m not a politician and I do not have the ability to fix the underlying problems of this crisis.

What we are able to do is to mitigate the suffering and being part of the Muslims In Need response we were able to help some Rohingya who had suffered so much.

Providing the bare basic necessities is the very least we can do. Please continue to support our efforts in giving a little bit of dignity back to the most persecuted people on earth.

Written by Asad


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