Razwana Ayaz / Presenter

Name: Razwana Ayaz

What is your role at the radio?

I am working as ‘Project Co-ordinator’ and am responsible for the day-to- day running of the station. I can be contacted at the radio station during the office hours regarding volunteering, membership, adverts, sponsorships or to participate in any events organised by Radio Ikhlas or even if you would like to write an article for our newsletter/Magazine.

What is your show about?

I present the program called ‘Discussion Point’ every Friday at 11am which covers general topics of day to day life and at times I have guests too who can advice or inform the community about various issue. In Ramadan I will be presenting 2 shows every week on Thursday and Friday from 10am-12pm.

Can you mention any strong and/or weak points about the Radio?

I would say the strong point is that it is an excellent opportunity for the community to use this platform to contribute towards important issues and raise their concerns. The weak point could be the lack of involvement from the audience, especially in live programs. It can be a lot more encouraging for all the volunteers when they get feedback and live calls in the programs.

What is your favourite show and presenter?

I believe it would not be fair to name one show or presenter as all volunteers make great efforts to give their time and make their shows enjoyable and educating for the listeners.

What is your message for the community?

Radio Ikhlas is an opportunity to give something back to the community and all should try to be part of it to make the difference. There are many ways that you can join in which includes; Volunteering and this can be for presenting shows, administrative work, research, back up and many other roles that we can discuss once you get in touch. You can also help financially by becoming members which costs as little as £5 per month.

Please get in touch with any staff member today and we can discuss it further.

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