Munawar Hussain / Presenter

Name: Munawar Hussain Noshahi

What do you do at Radio Ikhlas? I am a presenter of Mehfil-e- Naat on Mondays during 6 – 8pm. I also have many international Naat Khawaans to present on air for my listeners.

How did you get involved with Radio Ikhlas? I used to come to read Naats many years ago, since then I have been given my own Radio Show which I present at the moment.

What is the best and worst thing about volunteering at Radio Ikhlas? The best thing about Radio Ikhlas is that this is Derby’s biggest and most successful Dawah project. There is no bad thing about such a wonderful project.

When you’re not volunteering at Radio Ikhlas what else do you do? I work during the day and during the evening I enjoy spending time with family.

Tell us what your favourite naat or nasheed is? All the Naats and Nasheeds are really good, but my favourite is Ban Gaye Baat by Alhaj Khurshid Ahmed.

What is your favourite food? My favourite is Biryaani, you can’t beat that.

What is your ambition in life? I want to please Allah and the prophet Muhammad (PBUH)!

What advice would you give to anyone who is thinking of volunteering with Radio Ikhlas? Please join this project, help us and give your support to make this radio station even better. This station runs on volunteers

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