Dr Fardose Khanam

Full Name: My name is Dr Fardose Khanam

What is your role at the radio and what is your show about? I am a presenter of health and well-being and other Islamic topics

What is your favourite show and who is your favourite presenter? I enjoy sister Razwana live show and the Naat shows as well

What is your favourite food? Pasta and Salmon

What are your ambitions in life? Create a free hospital or small masjid in the name of my late farther

If you were given £10 million, how would you spend it? Build an orphanage and help the needy

If you were written about in the newspaper on the front page, what would the headline say? “Charitable person from the East Midlands”

What makes you angry? People who interfere in the issues of others and people who break promises

How would you describe yourself in 3 words? Honest, polite, humble and kind to others

What is the best advice you have given and received? Pray Salah and do not do shirk, this is the advice that I would give. The advice that I have been givens is to avoid the ignorant

If you could give the world one piece of advice what would it be? Don’t waste your time

Who would you pick as a mentor? My father and Dr Faraht Hashmi

If you could witness any event past, present or future what would it be? End of the Syrian Civil war

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